Winning Betting Odds For Nigerians

Even the experienced bettors sometimes need a helping hand. On this site, we publish betting odds and reveal strategies for forthcoming sports matches. 

Here you can find mostly football and basketball matches, as well as horse racing odds. However, we didn’t limit to that only. Besides traditional sports, you may find the best odds for all upcoming sports and matches to help you earn some bucks and enjoy the experience. 

And the best part?

Our betting odds are completely free of charge! 

Today’s sports betting odds

If you, as a player, want to place winning bets, you must consider every factor on a daily basis. As football is a fast-paced game, each little detail can significantly influence the outcome of the match. 

Besides the major strengths and weaknesses, you need to analyze the whole gameplay, teamwork, and external circumstances. Players’ performances change with every minute on the field. Each mistake your team makes is a chance for the opposite one to take advantage and score for the win. 

That’s why today’s predictions are the most critical part of your process. Closely watching every game is the best scenario, yet that requires a significant portion of your time. As the matches and leagues are often overlapping, sometimes that’s even impossible. 

Football odds

If we had to pick one sport we are genuinely passionate about, that would be football. Football isn’t the worldwide king of sports for no reason. 

Following the same principle, we seek to find the best football matches worth watching and placing your bet. In the football section, we’ll cover almost every league – European, global, and some local gems. 

In case you missed some matches, check out our past football predictions and get the relevant information for future battles. 

We will post odds for major leagues enough time in advance. Feel free to analyze it by yourself and decide if the match is right for you.

Football odds worth checking out 

The best thing about our football odds is that they are entirely free! Forget about those subscription-based sites, or overly expensive, self-proclaimed football experts.

And even the worst part is that most of these are scams. They might sell you football predictions, without any guarantee for success. 

That’s why we always advise to look at the broad picture. It’s hard to place the winning bet if you consider only one prediction or one tipster’s point of view. 

Perhaps you came with specific knowledge of leagues, players, and teams. You might already guess what’s going to happen and, after reading our betting guide, predict football matches by yourself. 

Basketball odds for free

Basketball odds Nigeria

Football is reserved for the day. Yet the star of the evenings and the reason for sleepless nights is basketball. How many times did you wake up at 5 AM, just to watch your favorite NBA team? Or stayed until 3 AM because you need to watch a live broadcast? We understand. And yes, we are doing the same. 

Because of the big time difference, often we miss some matches. Luckily, the same as for football, we’ll give you free basketball odds. 

Expert with the Ph.D. in NBA, EuroLeague, EuroCup, and local leagues such as NPL will give out their basketball odds for upcoming matches.

Horse racing odds 

Horse racing odds Nigeria

Horse races are, without a doubt, the most popular in the United Kingdom and Australia. However, we can’t say they aren’t relevant in Nigeria. It’s a good refreshment from football and basketball. And believe it or not, many bettors include a horse race in their betting ticket from time to time. 

For this reason, along with other sports, here you can find free horse racing odds. 

Betting on horse racing is a bit simplified compared to other sports. Most of the time, you’re betting on the horse to win the race—no complications like goal differences and double chances.

Other sports

Hardcore football and basketball punters often forget about the other sports. There’s plenty of more to explore for ones who like to go off the beaten path. 

Boxing betting odds

Among our betting odds, you can find many fight sports. We mustn’t forget about the traditional Nigerian roots and the influence of Dambe Boxing through history. 

That’s why boxing takes place on our list of covered sports and odds. Compared to the rest of the world, Nigerians are among the top boxing bettors. Perhaps it’s written in the DNA.

MMA and UFC odds

We can’t speak about combat sports without mentioning the absolute domination in the field – MMA. This famous 21st century’s hit is a hybrid of traditional stand-up clinch fighting, and grappling and submission techniques. 

As UFC is the most popular MMA organization in the world, we’ll cover those MMA odds, with the absolute focus on title fights. 

Rugby experts’ odds 

Before the 2019 World Cup in Japan, we were uncertain about including rugby odds. We weren’t sure if people in Nigeria are into rugby at all. 

However, the total number of viewers was astonishing. For that reason, we are working on odds for rugby matches as well. So if you’re into placing a bet for this sport, check out our rugby odds. 


If you’re seeking experts’ sports odds, look no further.

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